InnoInstall Award 2021

for the most innovative commercial
battery storage installation

These are the winners

The installation company Klaus Schleicher Energietechnik (KSE) has won the final vote - and thus the InnoInstall Award 2021! The prize, awarded for the first time, recognises the innovative energy concept that KSE has implemented in its new company headquarters. At the heart of the concept is a multifunctional storage system from TESVOLT. This not only manages the charging of the electric vehicle fleet and optimises the consumption of the PV system on site, but also provides backup power in the event of a power failure.

Sven Huntemann and Christian Löffler from TESVOLT provided support for the project. They presented the award to KSE in person and on site. Always in their thoughts is TESVOLT's first full-time sales manager, Frank Petrik, who had initiated the project. He passed away at the beginning of this year after a long and severe illness and has been sorely missed at TESVOLT ever since.

Die Gewinner


Firmensitz Schleicher
The company base as a blueprint

The innovative concept of the Klaus Schleicher Energietechnik business in Eichenzell combines a solar energy system with a storage unit, 16 charge points and an infrared heating system.



The tinkerer from the horse ranch

In Odenthal, a riding stable owner combines sport, nature, green energy and clean mobility. An innovative control concept regulates feed-in, self-consumption, storage, e-charging and heating.


Campus Kenia
Studying under green conditions in Kenya

A campus for students in the middle of the savannah in Kenya is supplied with renewable energy and storage units - the all-terrain vehicles now run on green electricity.


The Sun makes gold more affordable

An Australian gold mine lowers operating costs with solar energy and storage. A special material is thermally charged by the sun during the day to provide cooling at night.

TESVOLT and photovoltaik magazine award a prize for the most innovative commercial battery storage installation

Are you an installer and have you developed and implemented an individual project for a customer that goes beyond standard applications? Did you install a TESVOLT battery storage system as part of this? Then send us your project by 15 April and join the race for the award!

The focus is on the level of innovation of the project, which will be assessed by an expert jury. This will include the specialist journalist Niels Hendrik Petersen, Dr Julia Badeda from Abo Wind, the independent consultant Hans Urban, and TESVOLT founders Daniel Hannemann and Simon Schandert.

More at stake than just glory and honour

The winner will receive the prestigious InnoInstall Award as well as a grant of €5,000 for a joint advertising campaign with TESVOLT. In addition, the project and the award-winning installation company will be presented in photovoltaik publications and here on the website. Second and third place will receive a grant of €1,000, a short presentation on the website and a certificate.


Hans Urban

is a consultant in renewable energies and e-mobility. After completing his studies in electrical engineering at the TU Munich, he has gained decades of experience in leading positions across the electronics and solar industries, including as CEO of Schletter. He has been working as a freelance consultant in renewable energies and e-mobility since 2017 and provides advice to storage and solar companies, regional energy suppliers and local authorities.

Niels Hendrik Petersen

The journalist and economist (graduate of FU Berlin) has been writing about the energy transition for various media for more than ten years, including the photovoltaik magazine, PV Europe, Erneuerbare Energien, HZwei, E&M and Technology Review. He has been following the rapid development of the storage industry for photovoltaik since 2013.

Dr. Julia Badeda

studied industrial engineering at RWTH Aachen University and at the University of Queensland, Australia. She worked as a research assistant for over five years at the ISEA Institute under Professor Dirk Uwe Sauer. In the course of this, she managed the department for grid integration of batteries and storage system analysis. She has been in charge of the Hybrid Energy Systems department at the project developer Abo Wind since 2019.

Simon Schandert

completed an apprenticeship as an engineer for buildings and energy before studying Environment and Sustainability and earning his Bachelor of Engineering at Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, followed by his Master of Science degree in Business Administration and Electrical Engineering at the TU Berlin. Back in the summer of 2014, he founded the company TESVOLT together with Daniel Hannemann, of which he is now CTO.

Daniel Hannemann

completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and his Master of Arts degree in Sustainability Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Back in the summer of 2014, he founded the company TESVOLT together with Simon Schandert, of which he is the CEO today.